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About Us Elsalhaya Garden

It is one of the leading Egyptian companies specialized in packing and producing foodstuffs such as

Olive oil : Extra virgin olive oil from 250 ml to 1000 ml

Pickles : pickled onions - pickled lupine - pickled cucumbers - pickled green olives - sliced green olives - natural black olives - natural Egyptian black kalamata olives - olives stuffed with carrots - jalapeno peppers - lemons - mixed pickles - harissa - grape leaves

Vinegar : natural white vinegar - apple cider vinegar

Sauces : pomegranate molasses - dark soy sauce - light soy sauce - rose water



Bread Crumbs





We have a young team that has the ability to develop and modernize this industry and has a high degree of commitment, adhering to all international standards and criteria in the manufacturing and marketing process to bring its products to the fore in global markets

We offer a wide range of high quality health products to satisfy our customers in the local and international market with high quality and reasonable prices, and we take into account in our production processes that we keep pace with all methods of progress and development and preserve all the characteristics of our natural products

We are always keen to promote the latest modern technologies of processing and packaging in all our product lines, which are based on continuous improvement and development. Therefore, we use machines specially customized for processing and packaging

The company also has great contractual capabilities with an integrated work team, and it pledges to provide the best level of services to its customers inside and outside Egypt through its team of sales and supervisors of high calibers, so as to always enjoy the satisfaction of its customers


Our advantages


Elsalhaya Garden Food Processing Company carefully applies in all stages of production the principles of quality to ensure the quality of the final product, and this is through the analysis of raw materials and permanent examination during the manufacturing process

The company is under full health supervision by the Egyptian Ministry of Health

The company employs an elite group of manufacturing experts who have high efficiency in this field locally and globally, who were employed with the help of another group of foreign and Arab expertise to provide the highest levels of quality and safety for our products

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